Automation and Integration

Aptware can help you improve the data flow between the systems you use. Improve employee efficiency and reduce human error by automating tasks within your business.

Not sure where to begin? Aptware can help you analyse your current business processes and highlight areas where automation could be introduced. This could include smart use of bar-coding and scanners, automatically populating information from one system into another and even linking your systems with the wide range of APIs available by other third parties.

What is Automation?

Automation is the process of performing a task with minimal (or no) human interaction. Many different types of task can be performed automatically in response to an event, scheduled time or a certain scenario.

Examples include:-

  • Generating and emailing an end of day report without any staff interaction.
  • Sending an SMS text notification to your customer when a particular event happens in your CRM or ERP system.
  • Importing data files directly into your systems without any fiddly user data manipulation.
  • Automatically generating invoices at the end of each month.
  • Performing an action in one of your system, when an action happens in a different one.
  • Reducing data entry by pulling in information into your systems automatically.

Benefits include:-

  • Prevent human error for a given task.
  • Improve employee focus by removing mundane repetitive tasks.
  • Save valuable employee time.
  • Automated task can run 24/7, meaning your business can be pro-active even out-of-hours.

What is Integration?

Integration is the process of making multiple different systems talk to each other. There are a wide range of applications out there and many have the ability to pass information to one another. If you ever see the term API on a software product or website you can integrate your systems with that service.

Examples include:-

  • Automatically copying information from one system into another.
  • Adding a checkout to your website / online-shop.
  • Migrating data from one CRM to another.
  • Verifying customer's address is correct by checking with RoyalMail's database or Google Maps.
  • Adding new functionality to a system that doesn't do quite what you need.
  • Generating a list of directions for your delivery drivers.
  • Showing your social media posts on your own company website.

Benefits include:-

  • Prevent employees having to duplicate information from one system to another.
  • Reduce copy & pasting errors.
  • Keep multiple system in synchronisation.
  • Use the best tool for the job by passing off information to another system for a given task.