Aptware Limited is an IT solutions development company based in Coventry, England. We aim to use proven technologies with a strong track record of security to help your business:-

  • Turn your software & app ideas into reality.
  • Review your internal processes and workflows to see where custom solutions could help increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Leverage automation to save valuable man-hours on repetitive tasks.
  • Migrate your business critical Excel Spreadsheets into fully fledged database driven applications.
  • Work smarter by integrating your systems with third party services and APIs.

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Not sure where to start? Aptware offers a free consultation service; so get in touch today and find out how we can improve your business operations with a solution catered just to you. Give us a call on ☎ 033 3344 9940, and we'll be happy to help in any way we can.

Services we offer

Bespoke Software Systems

Aptware can turn your technology ideas into real products. This can range from a system designed to run & manage the internal aspects of your business; to a fully branded web/mobile app to improve your customer experience.

We develop these systems on a wide range of platforms; desktops, servers, mobile apps and web portals and can help choose the right fit for you.

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Automation & Integrations

Aptware can help you improve the data flow between the systems you use. Improve employee efficiency and reduce human error by automating tasks within your business.

Not sure where to begin? Aptware can help you analyse your current business processes and highlight areas where automation could be introduced. This could include smart use of bar-coding and scanners, automatically populating information from one system into another and even linking your systems with the wide range of APIs available by other third parties.

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Maintenance & Support

Business requirements can evolve over time. We build our systems with flexibility in mind; and can help you maintain your application with the latest and greatest features, security updates and new requirements.

Our support contracts are just as flexible as our software developments. With a tailored support package you will only pay for the support you need.

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Secure Cloud & Application Hosting

Take control of your data by taking advantage of our application hosting.

We do not use third party servers or virtual machines to host your applications or data. All of your data and cloud hosting will be secured in our private server environment located in Coventry, England.

All of our systems conform to strict security standards (PCI DSS) and are security reviewed on a monthly basis.

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White Labelled Software Products

Aptware has a wide range of base applications in its portfolio.

For clients looking for a quick to market application why not build upon one of these bases? Our base applications have been well vetted, can all be white labelled and are ready for your unique business customisations.

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We are located at Friars House, Manor House Drive, Coventry, CV1 2TE

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